1.Parents should fill all admission forms given them on the point of admission.

  1. All school fees are due termly in advance and must be paid on or before the first day of each term. All

Crèche fees are due and payable monthly in advance. All fees should be paid to the school account

(Diamond bank; A/c Name: Reapville School limited, A/c No: 0094485223) on/before the first dayof the term. Apupil may be withdrawn when fees are not paid promptly.

  1. The school reserves the right to request the removal of a child whose work or behavior is unsatisfactory,or whose parent is working against the interest and ethos of the school, without a term’s notice. In such acase, no refund will be made. There will however be no liability for the next term’s fees.
  2. The school reserves the right to suspend children without notice whose parents fail to collect them ontime, or do not adhere to the rules of the school.
  3. The school reserves the right to change staff, classroom, the location, time table, courses, dates orhours ofopening if it deems it necessary without a term’s notice.
  4. When increase in costs makes an upward review offees essential, it may be necessary to give less than afull term’s notice of this. Fee levels are reviewed at least once in a year ortwo.

7.If school has to close due to any unforeseen emergencies, the school term will not be extended nor willany part of the fees be refundable.

  1. All costs incurred in the collection of unpaid fees including our administrative costs and any costs ofsolicitors acting on our behalfshall be recoverable in full.

9.Bank charges on returned cheque are levied in full.

  1. The child will be assessed by our teaching staff to determine his/her readiness, and to get to know thechild.

11.lhereby make application for the entry of my child on the conditions shown above and I undertake to

Conform to all the rules of the school

Please find below necessary information and procedures for admission into our school.

  • Entry Test forNursery 1-2 and Grade 1-6
  • Payable fees: Fee payable on admission into the school.
  • Acceptance/ Development Fee: you are to pay a non-refundable Acceptance fee of five thousand naira only (N5, 000). This payment should be made with a certified bank teller,

As transfer is also allowed to the under listed bank account with prove of payment submitted tothe Admin office.

Tuition, Examination fee, Report card, Development fee, Registration fee, ldentification card,

Acceptance fee, Welfare Insurance Scheme, Creche bill & Club Activities.

Diamond Bank

A/c Name: Reapville School Limited

A/c No: 0094485223

  1. PTA Levy

Diamond Bank

A/c Name: Reapville Schools Parent Teacher Ass.

A/c No: 0105139767

  1. Uniforms fee, Educational Supplies, Party, Lesson fee, Feeding &After School

Diamond Bank

Alc Name: Reapville School Limited (2)

A/c No: 0108754820

When such is done the school must be notified by submitting the transfer printout.

Note that the acceptance fee remains part of the total payable fees for the First term. The balance of

the fees should be paid on or before